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"Mom, are you a serial killer?"
"Chip, the only ‘serial’ I know anything about is Rice Krispies."

Serial Mom (1994) dir. John Waters


Pebbles and BamBam on Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated…. 

I’ve been hearing fucked up shit about scooby doo mystery incorporated and I think I should just watch it but goddamn it looks like a train wreck.


The Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated version of Fred is a very confused and repressed trans lady and you can’t convince me otherwise.



the best part of scooby doo mystery incorporated- hearing scooby try to deliver really serious dialouge. like, he’s dead serious but he’s also talking in that goddamn scooby doo voice. ruh roh raggy


Today I described Scooby Doo mystery incorporated as an intense show with a complex plot.


What the fuck is going on with this show and why do I love it so much


I don’t usually do this type of thing, but I’m really fucking pissed. So, my little sisters are watching that new Scooby Doo show, Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated, and oh my word, these sexists pigs have ruined the entire show. All Daphne does is fall all over Fred and be jealous of all the other…

Anonymous asked:



There are thirteen souls bound to earth, foretold and described in The Arcanum, which make up the Black Zodiac, as follows:

The First Born Son

The first ghost in the Black Zodiac. The First Born Son is the ghost of a little boy who dies of a shot through the head. Cyrus chose the ghost of Billy Michaels as the First Born Son.

The Torso

The second ghost in the Black Zodiac. The Torso is missing his legs, and/or his waist. Cyrus chose the ghost ofJimmy Gambino as the Torso.

The Bound Woman

The third ghost in the Black Zodiac. This ghost is of a woman who died having been tied-up in some fashion. Cyrus chose the ghost of Susan LeGrow as the Bound Woman.

The Withered Lover

The fourth ghost in the Black Zodiac. This ghost is of someone who died having a withered or worn appearance. Cyrus chose the ghost of his niece-in-law, Jean Kriticos, as the Withered Lover.

The Torn Prince

The fifth ghost in the Black Zodiac. This ghost has much of the skin on the right side of his body missing, leaving the bones and muscles. Cyrus chose the ghost of Royce Clayton as the Torn Prince.

The Angry Princess

The sixth ghost in the Black Zodiac. This ghost apparently is of a young woman who dies by committing suicide. Cyrus chose the ghost of Dana Newman as the Angry Princess.

The Pilgrimess

The seventh ghost in the Black Zodiac. Cyrus chose the ghost of Isabella Smith as the Pilgrimess.

The Great Child and The Dire Mother

The eighth and ninth ghosts in the Black Zodiac. The Great Child is the ghost of a very large and overweight child, and the Dire Mother is that of a very small stature. Cyrus chose the ghosts of Harold and Margaret Shelburne as the Great Child and the Dire Mother.

The Hammer

The tenth ghost in the Black Zodiac. This ghost is that of a muscular, heavy-set blacksmith who wields a large hammer. Cyrus chose the ghost of George Markley as the Hammer.

The Jackal

The eleventh ghost in the Black Zodiac. The Jackal is the ghost of a dishevelled man wearing a cage on his head. Cyrus chose the ghost of Ryan Kuhn as the Jackal.

The Juggernaut

The twelfth ghost in the Black Zodiac. This ghost is that of a tall, ugly and incredibly strong man. Cyrus chose the ghost of Horace Mahoney as the Juggernaut.

The Broken Heart

The thirteenth and final ghost in the Black Zodiac. This ghost dies by leaping into the core of Basileus’s Machine out of an act of pure love. Cyrus chose his nephew, Arthur Kriticos as the Broken Heart.


((About to have horror night with my protection.))


I’m madly in love with Matthew Lillard as Shaggy