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Ok so I know none of my followers watch scooby doo mystery incorporated but I watched it recently cuz I LOVE stories that make you think and I just need to rant about how good it is

-You know how Fred never had any real depth to him and he was always such a blank slate of a character? Well in…


Found an old pc game. :D



Why am I posting these pictures of Shaggy and Scooby dressed as Daphne and Velma? IDK


I don’t know if anyone has pointed this out yet but in Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated in the episode “Dance of the Unded” when the gang is in a record store there is a poster in the background for the Phoenix album “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix” and I thought it was pretty darn cool! (Also next to it is an poster for an album that looks like the members are lego figures but I can’t tell for the life of me what it’s supposed to be)

UPDATE: going back I also noticed that there is a poster that is half covered but looks like the album “You Could Have It So Much Better” by Franz Ferdinand so I’m just going to assume that the other posters on the walls are for actual real life albums, however I don’t know which ones they are.




Remember that time Mattew Lillard was on Law and Order: SVU?


no I don’t remember


you okay


Matthew Lillard and Emily Rios in tonight’s episode of The Bridge


Now, more then ever, we have the ability to make films for almost nothing and that’s broken down all barriers of entry. I think it’s a new golden age of film-making. With that, there needs to be the ability to recoup investment dollars, people need to make money. - Matthew Lillard


Remember that time Mattew Lillard was on Law and Order: SVU?

no I don’t remember


Daphne sou uma hex girls

"Hex Girls Audition" by Daphne

The requirements to be a Hex Girl sure are strict. Daphne had to audition in Italian, Spanish, Swedish, and Portuguese.

Started a book the other day and just got to this page haha