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if you wonder why i post so little matthew lillard…

this is his tag


Top 10 hottest guys of 1997, according to my 13 year old self: @leonardodicaprio, Jamie Kennedy, David Boreanaz, Jesse Spencer, Ryan Phillippe, Nicholas Brendan, Matthew Lillard, Seth Green, Ben Affleck, Skeet Ulrich.
This is literally so unsurprising to me.


film genre meme: [1/10] horror » Scream (1996)

"Movies don’t create psychos. Movies make psychos more creative."


Here’s a horror-comedy I’ve wanted to cover for ages, but never got around to doing so. That all changes today; so join me as we dive into the cult classic “Serial Mom” in search of valuable life lessons! As always, sharing the article with your pals here on Tumblr is greatly appreciated!

Important Things I Learned From Watching “Serial Mom”


Dear Matthew Lillard, if you track your tag on tumblr, you should know that I think we’re soul mates. How old r u. R u still makin that bank.



Things I like:
American college movies involving parties and pranks and a jerk teacher getting his comeuppance. 
Horror comics.
Puppet monsters.

This movie has all of those things in spades. It’s obviously no REVENGE OF THE NERDS but it does have Kane Hodder riding a mop bucket and is Matthew Lillard’s first role so it’s pretty dope. Fun fact: Matthew Lillard’s middle name is Lyn. HA-HA.


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this ended im crying

Demian Bichir and Diane Kruger being interviewed by Extra. June 11, 2014.



See this why you don’t live with white people



The Bridge - Season 2 - Promotional Photos 


well it’s about time fred got some character development